"This photos are the result of an experiment I tried to achieve while I was studying in Budapest, on the Erasmus program. In the few months I lived there, I could not help to notice the older citizens, their clothes, particular facial expressions, and busy life in the city, made them look like very typical characters to me. I tried several times to make a classic portrait photography series of Budapest old people, but all my attempts to talk to the people and ask them to take their portrait failed totally, as my hungarian is very poor and old people are generally suspicious. The whole process offered me some of the funniest (and sometimes very akward) moments of my contact with the Hungarian culture. In the end, i gave up all my specific ideas about this pictures and I just walked around the main avenues of Budapest taking fast pictures without any kind of permission. This work (complete in its totality by 8 pictures) tries to keep the colorful moving rush of the city and the unique characteristics of its people, and to be an honest, clear document on a relation between a curious outsider and the local inhabitants of a place."


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