hardi1.jpgLátáskárosultak, akik sokszor több száz kilométert gyalogolnak azért, hogy szemorvoshoz jussanak; és egy elhivatott magyar orvos, aki a kongói dzsungel közepén felállított műtőjében adja vissza a látását rengeteg helyinek: ők a főszereplői aktuális, Cataracta című kiállításunknak. Legutóbbi rendezvényünkön a képek főszereplője, dr. Hardi Richárd, és a képek készítője, a Hardi doktort közel két hónapon keresztül kísérő sajtófotós, Hajdú D. András volt vendégünk. Ezen az estünkön a fotóssal és a sokak által „korunk Albert Schweitzerének” tartott szemorvossal McMenemy Márk beszélgetett tapasztalataikról és élményeikről, valamint a nemzetközi és uniós fejlesztés kérdéseiről.

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Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) and Európa Pont – the new EU information and cultural centre invite you to participate in a photo and video competition if you think you have a flair for photography, film or graphic design. 

We were wondering how you might capture the essence of „Magyarness“ that surrounds you day by day. If you can show us your best visual impression of this „Magyarness“ do not hesitate to send us that picture or video, even an animation.  But try to stay away from stereotypes; we want your unique insight, not a person spooning down Gulyás soup next to his Rubik’s cube in the puszta. 

Your entry can be as abstract or as literal as you please in your chosen medium as long as it tells us something about what captured your imagination in Hungary the most, what you came to recognize as Magyarness. 

The entries for the video competition will be judged by film director György Pálfi, screenwriter, producer Viktória Petrányi and József Fülöp senior lecturer of MOME animation. The photo entries will be judged by photographer and cinematographer Tamás Dobos, independent curator Sári Stenzel and Ábel Szalontai senior lecturer of MOME photo. There will be 4 categories in the competition, but we are positive that your artwork will relate to one of these. If you do not have a solid idea yet, let the following inspire you. 

Hun Humour   

Sometimes black, often far from polite, but never boring. Did you tap into what makes them laugh? And what is it you find funny about your experiences in Hungary? 

Water-water everywhere 

Hungary is the country of waters. Oh yes.  Look to your left: it’s the Danube – river that connects 7 European countries, you look on your right and see the Rudas Thermal Bath. You look up it's raining. Look down at a bottle of mineral water in your hand. Could all that water be your inspiration? 

Everyday Magyar, Everyday European 

Hungary is full of Hungarians. Life in Hungary consists of many things that are Hungarian. And many things that are European. Show us differences and similarities! Show us the extraordinary in the trivial!  

The Hungarian Heart 

Hungarians fancy themselves warm-hearted, with deep feelings they are not afraid to express. Any observations you like to share? Are they as hospitable as they say? Romantic outbursts on public transport?  Volunteering? Conversations in coffeehouses deeper than you ever imagined?  And the questions keep on coming.

Group entries are welcome and if you wish to explore or demonstrate a subject through a series you are more than welcome to do so as well. And do surprise us; we are open to all the creative ideas you can show us in whatever form. 

Winning entries will be exhibited at Európa Pont and at one of the biggest summer festivals in Budapest. The main prize is a trip to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (travel expenses and accreditation).  

We hope the artworks that will be generated by this open call will start a dialogue and enrich ideas about Hungary and invite all to view everyday things as unique, interesting, and culturally significant.

Deadline for submission: 31st of April 2011 

For more information please feel free to contact us at magyarness@mome.hu. For the conditions of application, please visit the Facebook page of the Magyarness competition. For further information watch this space.


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