"I covered 3 themes with my photos, as the first one shows Hungarian love, the second to fourth reflect the European facet of life in Budapest with a Hugarian flavour, and the very last shows a Hungarian sculpture examplifying Hungarian sense of humor."

Photo #1 'Just the two of us' : A liitle boy with his grandfather standing infront of eachother having a the whole Hungarian history and future in few inches. The photo was taken close to Petofi bridge.

#2 'Shop till u drop': An urban woman walking with confidence infront of some commercial advertisements showing how Budapest is turning into a cosmopolitan capitalist city witha asteady confident step.

#3 Smsing over the danube : As a Budapester man was crossing the danube on one of the landmark bridges of the Hungarian capital, he was text messaging using a cutting edge technology bridge to the future.

# 4 Street portrait : A young German man in vaci street decided to get him self painted by a Hungarian artist. The European touristic experience is getting stretched to the max in country that is developing an exceptional mystical appeal.

# 5 Ice Cow-eam 'Do not lick !': This photo combines two themes of the competition, as it was a part of a European sculpture contest that traveled throughout Europe and spent a whole year in each capital. 2006 was Hungary's year, and as the photo shows, there is a humorous melting cow that is liquifying over the ground, with an ice cream stick which reads 'Do Not Lick'.

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